Online Markdown editor

Just found this
Its a really nice Markdown editor, if you click the little logo in the top left you can pop open a cheatsheet
Really useful for prepping stuff prior to pasting into Scribe


Very nice tool!

I do a bulk of my Markdown editing in which (with the aid of some free extensions) has a very similar editing interface.

I do wish more RapidWeaver users would write with Markdown. I see far too much ‘styled text soup’. Simple webpages that have become a total mess with masses of inline styling. And then those same people moan when theme or stack styling doesn’t take hold…

Markdown is ridiculously simple and a massive productivity booster. Unfortunately there is a false stigma attached to Markdown that it is “complicated code” and “I use RapidWeaver because I don’t want to learn web code”. Sad that so many people are missing out on the power of Markdown. I think it is something we should be pushing far more.

I also feel this is something schools should be teaching in IT lessons. It is a skill for life and will be around much longer than the propriety Microsoft Office / Google Docs stuff that kids are brainwashed into religiously using.


This is also a nice tool:

Let’s you convert html to markdown.


@willwood, @Jannis & @tav
I’ve just done 99% of a whole site in less than 2 days and I’d put most of the speed down to Scribe, Markdown and the above MD editor, Joe’s new Seams stack makes prettyfying boring content a doddle too.
Will - Paperless is brilliant for displaying pdf’s … Thanks (Home and Results pages).
Jannis - Repository is similarly brilliant for uploading the said pdf’s … Thanks.