Oops, what's that?

Hey @tav, what’s going on on your homepage…?!?


Can we make it stop?


Well, not sure. Only a really BIG WHITE DUCK could do this… ;-)

Has someone ruffled your feathers?

Was that built in RW, Blocs, Elementor, or Oxygen?

Ideas developing too fast in your brain?

Wow, Tav just DID stop it…! Hm, but WHAT did he actually stop…? ;-)

Back to normal. No conspiracy here. Move along now…

My limited understanding is that a certain situation has to evolve to a particular state, when it does, BWD changes condition.

Once things return to normality, relative to what they were before said situation evolved, not withstanding any particular state previous to the evolution, original conditions return.

My understanding is that no timescales are applicable to the metamorphosis in either direction, although the prevailing winds are said to be a play a part, in so far as they dictate the speed with which they travel dictates the detection of essence.

Yes yes, that’s all very true but today’s Tuesday and as we all know the above conditions are only applicable on days whose mass is less than 3 so we’re still left with a bit of a puzzle.

But it happened on Monday. Not just any Monday, the first Monday of the month, with less than 50% daylight and an air pressure below average.

So go figure.

@steveb @paul.russam

you’re speaking in riddles

We live in Northern Ireland. It’s the law.

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Ey, ‘tis

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So it is.

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thats how i feel after 3 days of trying to learn BWD stacks !
LimeLight is great btw

It happened on Tuesday morning here. And during Chinese New Year. Although this is Year of the pig. Maybe the pig ate the duck.

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I expect it’s just Tav’s MBP display cable playing up. Just part of the course with MBP’s older than 365 days.

“Do adjust your sets.” @tav, you’re teasing…! :-)