Open ports for locals macs to see Odoo?

I know if off topic but maybe knows where I have to look … I’m really really a beginner.

I’m trying to test Odoo in a local environment of 3 macs.
I was able to install Odoo on a Mac mini with bitnami, I can see everthing and work correct on the Mac mini.
Now I want to access Odoo from other 2 Macs in a local network, but I don’t know the next steps, I’m pretty sure is related to open ports/firewall etc.

Any person familiar and can direct me ?

My setup:
Synology Router TR2600ac
Tp-Link Switch T2600G-28TS
Mac mini and 3 iMacs

thanks for your help.

Do you know which “service” is running the application? Like an Apache server?

It might not only be open ports, also, how the application listens to ports.

A internet search like “mac access web application from local network” definitely brings some results.

Thanks Jannis, I will take a look of your internet search…
The bitname/stacks (I think is like they called has 4 services
oddo_background worker

from the mac mini I access to Odoo on the IP
but when I put that IP on the other iMacs … nothing.
I will read more as you suggested.

Also check that your Router is allowing access between different devices.