Paddy stacks update via RW updater?

Evening. I’m just having a play with P17 and saw there are some new Paddy stacks. I added the lot, got a warning that some where older than those already installed, but figured OK to crack on as the updater will sort that out, but after installing and click update, nothing is showing as out of date.

Do Paddy stacks update in the normal way?

No they don’t (yet).

I can send you the latest if you want?

That would be great, ta. Then I can just fire them all in without trawling thru working out which is new/old.


Actually the ones in P17 are the latest ones. I think you have dragged older ones in overwriting the latest ones you already had. Just reinstall of the P17 ones.

It was p17 I added, but suspect it just RW being shit.

Hi Gary,

I have your P8 with the Paddy stacks. Could I also have the latest Paddy stacks updates if I send you my purchase receipt?


Hi Tino, I have your email I believe so will sent the latest over later when bac at Mac. Gary

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Yes, in fact you have my email. Thank you very much Gary, and without hurry.
By the way your Paddy stacks are really very useful, great work!!

Let me know if you need help setting up the Sparkle updater 💪


Thanks for the kind offer. The updater is 90% done but there are very few updates and only a few extra stacks every year. It’s on my list.