Panic searching

Hey @tav How we doing!?.. so I my hard drive just gave up on me… whilst I back up my files, I didn’t think about software… boy I wish I did esp @%"! RW!!.. it’s been a total mare tracking down missing stacks… each project I open - I keep seeing ‘Missing Stacks’ warning everywhere, with no reference as to what they are, nightmare… anyway I must have had some older ones in place too that I don’t think exist anymore… I just opened a new project looked a the metadata and I see Paragraph plus, which I think became Paragraph Pro or sim… I don’t suppose you have that Paragraph plus this would save me a ton of hassle… cheers!!!

I’ve emailed you a load of the old stacks. I presume you are still using your address? If not let me know and I’ll resend.


@tav Hi Mate me again - looks like I missed this - ScrollUp Stack for RapidWeaver I know it was replaced with Chroma - but would really help if ya can send the original Scroll-up stack? Its used on a site and would be just so easy to be able to add this - as opposed to adding Chroma and remembering how it works!! lol - Cheers mate - hope all’s well considering!

I don’t understand, is the download link on that page not working for you?

Edit: OK, I see I removed it.

The normal (non Pro) version of Chroma is almost the same as ScrollUp and is regularly updated.

ScrollUp is no longer updated and may well not work with recent versions of jQuery and other things. If you really want to risk it then I’ll send you a copy when I’m back at my computer- or you can get it from your original email using the order lookup.

DM sent