Parallaxer stack - Updates

Big update (v1.4.0) just pushed out for our Parallaxer stack. This version now allows you to:

  • Supply a different image for mobile and desktop
  • Restrict the visible image to a different max-height for mobile and desktop
  • 2 new content 'placement options - top-full and bottom-full

Additionally, the underlying library has been updated and now uses only vanilla javascript (removing the dependency on jquery). A couple of other bug fixes have been added too.

Not entirely sure why I opted to use patterns on the main stack page as a demo of the available effects as I am sure most folk will use images! Anyway, more image-based examples of Parallaxer in action can be viewed here.


Is there an option for a fixed background image in Parallaxer?

I have Srcerer and was looking at it earlier for that feature.

Hi No - both stacks use normal / foreground images. That kind of effect needs to be done on a background image. You’re definitely best with the likes of section pro for that I’d reckon.