Partials in Sonoma

Can somebody tell me where in Sonoma system directory are Partials hidden, please?

Should be underneath the RW addons folder.

No, I got Addons> Stacks>Externals and Addons> Stacks>Templates, but no Partials, hence my question. 🥸

Screenshot 2024-04-27 at 12.42.17 PM

Ah sorry. If I remember correctly partials are embedded inside the document.

Do you remember when this change happened? Before Sonoma I’ve been still using Mojave and back then Partials indeed resided in the Addons>Stacks folder.

I don’t think this is macOS related.

When I was using Mojave, though, I had the same version of RW 8.9.3 and Stacks 5 that I am using now. Partials were located in Addons folder. The only thing that has changed since then is macOS version.

EDIT: I could swear I remembered Partials being stored in the folder mentioned above, but now I know I’ve been mistaken (see my post below).

Partial is inside a project.

Hey, Jannis, you’ve pushed me in the right direction to find an answer to my question. Indeed, I found the definitive answer from Isaiah himself in this post from 2018:

Thanks for the help!