"partials" will reduce the rw file?

Sure, provide a download of the 133 Mb project file and I can take a quick look. Something very strange is going on in your case. Or you’ve overlooked something. I simply don’t know at this point.

You can direct message me. Be sure to zip the project file first. Then provide a download link via whatever service you choose to use (Google Drive or many other options). Not a problem for me to download a big file.

Thanks @mitchellm,
Compressing my big fat file… I will share in a second.
Thanks again… is soo strange to me too but again I don’t know nothing about coding.

I will look too, whether it is images or not, something does not fit with the size of the project.

As it happens, I have already done as you say and written a suite of menu stacks which are used on my stack demo pages in many forms. The code is very compact and modular with typical sizes of less the 20kB per page for complex menus.

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@giacomino Okay, I’ve downloaded and taken a look. Bizarre. You have lots of Contents.plist files that are exactly 2.2 Mb in size. I’ve opened the plist files but I am also not a coder. It seems to me something bizarre is going on with those plist files but it will take a Pro like @tav to discern what that bizarreness actually is. At the very least all those contents.plist files definitely should not be 2.2 Mb each time.

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Share the link with me and I will take a look in the morning. UK time.

From what @mitchellm has said, the large files are not part of the me u stack code but I will confirm.

If I am wrong and it turns out to be the menu then I will honour the bet and you can have MenuLab. If not then perhaps you should apologise and retract the fat menu comments. I obviously have nothing to do with 1LD but I don’t really think it is fair to be derogatory about anything before we are sure of the facts.

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OK, here are my findings.

1/ There are no images in the file - fair enough.

2/ Your menu arrangement is complex and this is leading to the size of the stored data for your page Note this size is not published but is all the stack settings etc etc that has to be part of your project.

To be clear, when I say complex, your menu is built from seventy (70) separate stacks. I may be slightly off there, counting so many is arduous.

There are many pages that don’t have 70 stacks on them in total so just for the menu this is quite large. This is accounting for 1.6MB on average of hashed data that the Stacks plugin has to store in order to remember your choices and settings.

To put this in context - 1600kB divided by 70 is 22.86kB per stack. Anyone think this is particularly fat? Remember we are talking about project size and not published code which is considerably less.

Again, almost none of this is published so the final page is OK - it is just the project (and associated edit mode performance).

On the other hand there are some words of caution regarding the mega menu stack as follows:

It loads 16 separate fonts in edit mode with absolutely no option for the user to prevent one or any of them loading. This can cause page jumps as the links are followed - something which people often attribute to stacks where it is optional to load each font and the user has self inflicted it (like Paragraph Pro or Font Pro). In this case an enormous amounts of fonts are always loaded in edit mode which is agreed bad practice.

In Summary

You are building a very large site with a lot of pages. Having a manually curated menu for so many pages that by necessity uses such a large number of stacks in its construction will always cause your project file to be quite large.

70 stacks for the menu before you even add page content says to me that you should either be doing it in a more simple way or if that sort of navigation is a prerequisite then RW is not the appropriate tool for the job.


@tav Wow, thanks for this analysis. I knew “something” was going on but could not decipher what it was. And I never would have guessed a menu stack (even for a lot of pages) would demand so much attention. Yikes!

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Well well well … I think sometimes developer has a great idea but maybe is not designed or develop for BIG website with a lot of pages like mine.

Thanks again all I might need to dump that menu and start again… bummer I really like the look.


thanks to all again!!!

Have you looked at it on intermediate sized screens? You might not like it so much if you do.

I know you didn’t ask, but… IMO menus are the thing that make or break a site. We, as designers, love all these content/image heavy menus, users, tend not to. A menu is there to help your user find what they want, not really to serve up cool images, within reason.

Just an opinion.

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Hi @steveb,
Is not only the images… is how is setup because I have a lot of products, maybe I can do something with tabs and columns… but I need to research to figure out and get that work as menu for desktop and mobile…well I will need top postpone and Digg more :-) to find the options.