PHPJabbers - I'm totally bamboozled, help me please

Hi all,

I’m setting up my first script using PHPJabbers Car Rental script and I’m totally bamboozled. I’m hoping someone can please help talk me through how it works. I used their demo script and placed the code snippet in a html stack, the demo worked fine both front end and back end…but now that I’ve purchased the script I’m lost.

I have read and watched all their help info but I must admit their documentation and tutorials are very average…not a lot of detail.

I think I’ve installed correctly on my server, the install wizard said installed correctly but I just don’t understand how to log into the admin page to setup the products or where to find the code snippet to place in the html stack.

The car rental script is installed at this url Vantage Vehicle Rental | DUNSBOROUGH

Which then redirects to Vantage Vehicle Rental | DUNSBOROUGH

But I don’t know what url to access the Car Rental Admin pages so we can add vehicles, setup rates etc etc?

I think I’ve installed the script correctly via my FTP and setup the MySQL database also correctly as the url redirects but I don’t know where to find the code snippet to place in the html stack so that the placement for the car rental booking plugin will appear where I want it.

Website hosting is with Siteground PHP version 7.4.33

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Cheers Scott

Why have you set up a redirect from /scripts/ to /vehicles/ ?


I followed the install wizard instructions.
It suggested to create folder called scripts to place all the script files, then in a further step itv asked for the url where the product would be placed which is will be in the vehicles folder.

I haven’t setup a redirect myself, that seems to be happening by the PHPJabbers script, not something I have dome myself.

So not sure why it is redirecting from /scripts/ to /vehicles/ I assumed that was part of the script process.

I don’t know what the url is to access the admin page?

I haven’t heard anything back from PHPJabbers…I must admit I’m disappointed in their support…the documentation is extremely poor and so far the help has been nothing.

Still lost and bamboozled. I might delete all and start install of script process again.

Unless someone has any insight please.

Cheers Scott

During the install process, did you edited the path to the page where the script is?

I ask this because in the screen shots above both paths point to /vehicle/ not /script/. Which is incorrect. The installer will have pointed these to the script folder by default, so thinking you edited them.

Either way, yes, delete and start over.

Their scripts are easy to install, just let it choose the oaths etc. and don’t post images of the script location and admin log in details, that’s a really bad idea. This is a public forum, so anyone can see them.

Thanks, yes I thought when they asked for the url of where the ‘product’ would be installed as the url of where I want the the actual booking system to appear in the website…which will be the ‘vehicles’ page not a page called ‘scripts’.

But yes, I will delete all and try again with the url that is auto entered by the install wizard.

Yes very good idea…will delete that image and create new login credentials.

Thanks, I will let you know how it goes on second attempt.

Thanks so far.

Kind regards

English isn’t the phpjabbers guys first language so sometimes things get lost in translation. You get used to it after a while.

I use their scripts extensively, so if you need any more help just give me a shout. I’m a bit tied up with other things right now, but will do my best to help where I can.