[Platform] Maintenance release 1.2.4 has been published today

Platform maintenance release 1.2.4 has been published today

  • PDF stack - Platform now provides a dedicated PDF stack
  • Small bug fixes

If you like Platform, please consider to leave a Like or even a short review over at the RapidWeaver Community site: https://rapidweavercommunity.com/addons/stacks/platform


There is also a video about what’s included in Platform here:


nice job!

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Are we all now creating an own new thread when releasing a bug fix version 😳 ?

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Agreed, not sure why something like this could not be posted on the original post for the product.

Do @Jannis and @zeebe have a problem with this guy?? Why the negative comments…he is just letting people know about improvements to his framework… don’t see the same negativity about the ‘other’ new frameworks…he just created a new post instead of adding to an existing one - so what???
…sorry but really think this is getting personal (just from a regular person who tries new stuff for Rapidweaver)


This isn’t anything personal.

I am just raising the question about this community again. It pure purpose is, or was, to give the signed developers a forum to help their users in support questions.

Of course we should allow also marketing to a certain extend. Creating several threads in telling people “hey, I changed a line of code, please buy my product and rate it good” is something I am getting upset about, honestly.

I am closing this thread now and asking everyone to think again about the original idea behind this forum. Thanks.

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I’m reopening this thread to make a few things clear.

@Jannis makes a very good point that is perfectly in line with our forum ethos and guidelines. As does @zeebe. Their comments are not at all negative, and @Jannis is merely doing his job as a moderator, ensuring the forum retains its ease of use and doesn’t end up cluttered with posts about minor updates and maintenance releases. There is nothing personal here, simply a wish to keep a clear focus with everything in its place.

All small independent developers like @juergenbarth are welcome to join us — but obviously they have to ask first. If @juergenbarth does ask, then we’ll offer him his own forum like every other developer here, and he’ll then be able to post all his point-release updates there.

As for favouritism regarding frameworks, @Piggles, you can remove your tinfoil hat, there’s no conspiracy here! Everyone has their own perspective and preference, of course, but one thing is true for all framework developers: they all struggle in the beginning to gain acceptance for their products. Some of them still struggle.

The competition is very strong, so the standards demanded by users are now extremely high. As such it’s natural for feedback to be perceived as ‘negative’ in the early stages, and it’s ever credit to a developers’ resilience that they use this criticsm constructively to improve their product.

At version 1.2.4, Platform is a mere toddler at the moment, and @juergenbarth — just like @Lucas and @habitualshaker — still have a long way to go. And it’s going to be a hard bumpy ride.


Maybe you should change the name of the forum from “RW4All” to “RW4THECHOSENONES”. There is clear favouritism on here no matter how you try to spin it.

There’s also more censorship here than the other forums.


More moderation. The other forum has zero moderation.

Moderation or censorship? Call it what you want. The results are the same. And “RW4ALL” is a misnomer.



Spin? Take off your tinfoil hat, there’s no agenda here.

Yeah, okay, whatever.

Tinfoil hat? Is that your favourite word of the day? Is it trending on social media?

You only need to look at who the moderators are to see the favouritism. This whole forum was set up in order to control the agenda.

Obviously others can see the favouritism too. I wasn’t the one who originally brought the subject up.


It’s early doors yet, but it could well be.

I’m not on social media but I think it was trending quite a few years ago!

Every developer here is automatically made a moderator, so I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

Fair enough. I suspect that those who participate more on the forum than others are more likely to get heard… nothing more.

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The only two frameworks I have ever tried are Foundation and Foundry. I have no allegiance to either of them, since I really do not build sites any longer. My comments were towards the extra thread creation. Why do it if you can post in the original post you made. Not sure about this forum, but in the RM one you can change your title. Why not do that. To me it is a waste of just adding more threads. Could care less if he is pushing his work, good for him. Just do it in a better way.
my 2¢.

I have Foundation, but never got on with it, I don’t know why. I have never tried Foundry, but have both Platform and Source and love them both. Horses for courses.

It did strike me that @juergenbarth was being picked on a bit for doing what others do, but probably in a more upfront way. Personally, I had no problems with it at all, I hope he succeeds, especially as I have invested in his product! I have suggested to him that he has his own forum on here, which would be good, especially as I spend most of my time reading the rather more edgy posts on here, compared to the RM forum.

My 1p (as opposed to 2₵)


I think the only difference is that Jurgen doesn’t have his own channel here. If he did, and posted his releases there, it’d be in line with everyone else.

Having said that, the way I use the forum (I’m on the ‘All Categories’ filter), it’s all muddled up in the same list of topics anyway. So if Source or Poster or UIKit announce their updates on their own channel, it all ends up on the same list of topics for me, which is why Jurgen’s post didn’t raise any flags for me.

I guess I’m not on here enough to know what is getting moderated away. Given the off-topic chatter that goes on, I assumed nothing got moderated. I’ve become accustomed to Blocs reviews, stack announcements, and Brexit petitions all on the same list of topics


hey guys…sorry to have set off this topic (all my fault!!) - but like @channonite I felt @juergenbarth was being a little unfairly ‘mentioned’ on the forum. Perhaps the moderators might learn from this and PM directly to the person and advise therefore how to proceed on the forum, and not put it out there publicly - sorry just my pennies-worth…(sorry don’t mean to criticise the moderators - helpful suggestion???)


Point taken and will be done so in future 👍