Points v2.4 is Here: A Big Leap Without the Price Tag!

Guess what? I just rolled out Points v2.4, and I’m super excited about it! 🚀 You’ve asked for it, and we’ve listened - better integration with Total CMS is now a reality. And that’s not all; you can take charge of pin settings with both Total CMS and Easy CMS. But here’s the cherry on top: you can also dynamically add and control as many pins as your heart desires using Total CMS Blog or Feeds.

Normally, I wouldn’t make a big fuss over a minor point release, but this one? It’s a game-changer! Between us, with all the new features packed in, it’s almost like a paid upgrade. But with everything else on my plate, I’ve decided to gift this update to all our existing users. That’s right - it’s on the house!

Feeling generous? If this update brings a smile to your face, consider dropping a little something in our new tip jar. Your support keeps our streams live, hangouts buzzing, updates rolling, and our awesome community thriving.

Thanks for being amazing! 🌟🎉


Hi there,

This might not be the best place to ask this but I am looking for a way to hide tooltips from my website when hovering over links - it looks very messy having titles to links pop up over images and over top of links in menus etc. Would this stack help with this or is there another way to do this in Rapidweaver?


Using Points would not be the best way (if at all) to achieve that.
Why not add a CSS class that overrules or redefines the tooltip CSS?

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Thanks for the heads-up @joeworkman Nice tool. It looks good for highlighting key points on diagrams and in tutorials. I’m assuming it will work OK in any framework?

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All of Joes stacks (except the Foundation 6 stacks) work in any framework or theme.


There are even exceptions to that… Foundation 6 swatches can work in any framework. It’s just a super powerful style builder.

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I have searched the internet and can’t find anything that works. It must be possible because I have seen websites that don’t have this issue. I’m not an expert so I rely on copy & paste for coding! If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Thanks

How are you generating your tooltips at the moment? Can you show us your site?

I think that he would like to remove that tooltips added by the browser for text links. As he stated, this really has nothing to do with Points.

The browser adds tooltips for links that have the title attribute. You can simply remove that title attribute and your links should no longer display a tooltip.


I could be wrong, but I think the F6 picture stack works in other themes- I know I’ve used it in lots of my legacy Foundation sites. The great benefit to using it over most other picture stacks is that it’s super-easy to add webp images. So, if a visitor can handle them (and most can), then that is what get’s loaded and served, not the jpg or png. Add it after your 1st image using the child stack (1) and then set the type to WEBP (2).


You are correct. I point out a bunch of F6 stacks that work outside Foundation in the comments of the 2nd FAQ above. There is quite a bit actually.

To be fair, some settings may not work. For example, the full width option in the picture stack relies on the F6 Utility classes. That is a pretty minor thing that could easily be fixed with a swatch.