Possible 1 or 2 column with text and image?

RW8.8, Stacks4.2, Foundry2.3.8 (with latest iterations)

Hi and good day,

The purpose I’m looking for with Splider is a kind of 1 or 2 column slider for the user to just click the right (or left) button to load new content.

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Is it possible to have a 2-column structure, with text and image?

Can this slider be placed between the top and the bottom?

see image.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

Can you provide more information about how this would look. A sketch showing both the mobie and the desktop views would make this easier to try to understand exactly what you are trying to do.

Splider can certainly display 1 slide with nav arrows either side. Also a Splider can be located inside a column and also a column can go inside a Splider Slide. Also you have full Flexbox alignment inside Splider to position your slide content where you want it.

As you are using Foundry, the display will be dictated by how you setup the 2 Column stack to behave.

The intention:
Yes, with Foundry and a 2 columns set-up or maybe a 1 column with J Workman’s Floaty (image to left or right).

It’s very simple, text and an occasional image…

The cause:
My impression is - if I’m correct - that loading times with a slider are shorter than having to load a new page from the site.


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden