Poster 1 or 2, SiteMap Plus and Rapidsearch Live

I’m trying (and failing) to get Poster (1 or 2) to pass meta data to Yourhead’s Site Map Plus for the purpose of having Poster items appear in on-site searches performed using Rapidsearch Live.

I’ve tried the “include blog” option in Sitemap Plus… Didn’t work (didn’t expect it to).

I’ve tried giving each poster item a custom meta tag and telling RSL to use said tag… Didn’t work.

I’ve even tried adding an HTML stack to the top of each poster item and adding in something like <meta name="postermetatest" content="postercontent">… Didn’t work.

Any ideas @Jannis or anyone else?

Incidentally, when I added a custom meta tag to a Poster item, in the source, it seems to have been added as a class, not using what I think is the accepted method: meta name= content= etc.

Did you add Poster’s sitemap URL somewhere?

Rapidsearch Live seems to only read one sitemap, so while I could point it to a particular instance of poster on a particular page, that would then be the only sitemap used to build the search database, so it wouldn’t work.

Really, from what I can tell, I need a way to get the Poster sitemaps added to Yourhead Sitemap Plus. Or, remove SMP and use the RW generated sitemap, and have Poster items added to it.

Do you know if any of that is possible? I’d really like to get my poster items added to my site search.

EDIT: Sitemap Plus does have the option to add blog posts, I’m assuming that’s the built-in RW blog thing, which seems to use the meta tag “blog-post” for posts. I did try to be clever and give Poster Items the custom tag of blog-post", but it didn’t work.

Might be an idea to tag @isaiah at this point.


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That goes not in the header metadata.

I don’t know about such a meta tag.

I think it’s the meta tag given to RW blog posts. Either way, I’m not sure this is going to work.

I think the only way to do this is to somehow get the Poster sitemap picked up by Sitemap Plus. Let’s see what @isaiah has to say on that.

Think I’ve found a solution…

RSL will allow the use of a custom sitemap from which to build it’s search database. So, I think I can make my own sitemap, with poster items added manually along with the regular pages, point RSL to it and let it do it’s thing.

There might be an issue with page descriptions, but I’ll have to suck it and see.

Saying that though, having Poster sitemaps added to the main YH sitemap is a way better option, if it’s possible.

Awesome! Found a workaround.

RSL allows the use of custom sitemaps. So…

  1. View the regular site map for the site, copy the content, paste into new file.
  2. View the poster sitemaps for each instance of Poster.
  3. Copy the links from said sitemap.
  4. Paste these to the new custom sitemap.
  5. Upload new custom sitemap to server (or add to resources).
  6. Point RSL to it.
  7. Update RSL database.

Boom. All Poster items now appear in local RSL powered search. For best results add a description to each Poster item in settings.

Now this is going to be a total balls-ache to maintain, especially for sites that are constantly having content added, like the site I’m testing on (, but it really improves the onsite search when using Poster.

Now, just wait to see if you, @isaiah and @willwood can come up with a way to automate that process ;-)

Or you just need a php script, allowing to add multiple sitemaps, which combines them to one.

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Now, who could do that?


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SEO helper can combine/use several sitemap to create a sitemap index…

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Interesting, which stack is that? I think there are now quite a few SEO helper type stacks.

From my end I’ve now three Poster sitemaps on the site…

I need the merge them with the main sitemap…

And either replace the main sitemap with the end result, or save it to an alt folder for use only by RTL.

Seo helper by joe workman

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I don’t think RSL can read sitemap indexes, I tried it a while ago and it didn’t work, unless there has been any recent updates that have enabled it.

However I think RapidSearch Pro can do it but would need to check

I’m not entirely sure what you mean by that, but RSL can certainly read sitemaps. I’ve presently got it to read a sitemap I’ve made myself and it’s working perfectly. But maybe I’m misunderstanding what you mean?

Pro is no longer supported, and I understand has issues with S4.

A sitemap index is a sitemap of sitemaps.

Sitemaps have a limitation of 50,000 urls or 50 mb (I think), so if you have a site with more than that you can have a sitemap index to references several other standard sitemap files.

I was trying to use an index to reference the standard sitemap for a RW site, as well as the separate sitemap generated by TCMS blog posts, but it didn’t work.

Didn’t know Pro was no longer supported, thanks

That’s a great idea. That would solve the problem.

Guess I have to create my own global search stack, able to deal with sitemaps, sitemap indexes, RSS, feeds, and the inbuilt search from Poster.

Whenever I will find the time…

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Aha, yes, then you are still correct. It does seem like RSL can only red sitemaps, not indexes (lists) of sitemaps. at least, I think you are correct, I am still very much getting my head around it.