Poster 2 Markdown editor

Hej Jannis, is it possible to use an external editor to edit the MD files that goes into Poster 2? and if, which editor can be used?

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I found this one that seems to work: it is a converter. So one can write in word and it converts it to markdown and works nicely with Source Markdown stack

@Kent Overall it’s better to write directly in markdown. I’m sure the site you have provided above is useful in several cases but writing markdown directly is much smoother and easy to do.

My favorite MD editor is iA Writer (on App store). It’s paid, but stores a lot of MD files as you want into folders. A good free alternative is Typora. However, there are lots of MD editors around these days.

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It’s pretty easy to use like iA Writer and sync the directory with the FTP folder.


Will Ulysses work the same way? Or Bear? Drafts5?

Every markdown editor which is able to write actual text files to the file system, yes. I don’t know if all apps which are using markdown for editing are able to do that, or if some of them just write into their own database.

I have been using Markdown for a long time and with it IA Writer - I initially tried a wide range of markdown editors, still have a copy of Write lying around, but it annoys me, and IA Writer is clearly the best of them IMO.

I used to write a lot of articles - 2-3,000 words and the distraction-free writing experience of using IA Writer gives a big boost to productivity (no tinkering with formatting to procrastinate!) For shorter form work, I compare it to using a ‘proper’ ring-bound paper notepad, where the pages never get lost - it creates great markdown and ⌘R gives a preview, just like Rapid Weaver.

Now I am fully up and running with online blogs via Markdown and , IA Writer interfaces nicely with Transmit, my FTP application on the Mac (another app I have been using for 10+ years!). However I’m trying to do more and more on the iPad, as it is so light and easy, so @Jannis ’ amazing Repository is extremely useful with its built-in Markdown editor. I’m not fully fluent yet, but I wish I had bought a copy many months ago.


@Jannis, if I buy an iA Writer license for macOS , will that same license also apply to the iOS version of iA Writer or am I required to buy a license for each OS at $30/each?

I don’t know how their licensing model was or how is it currently. This information should be available on the App Store.

@davidfreels It’s $30 per each OS. It’s also worth it.

Keep in mind it’s not using any propriety format. So if you mainly use on a Mac, but want to review on iOS then you could always get a free markdown editor for iOS to see those files. (Or visa versa.) They charge a reasonable price upfront so there’s no need to move to a subscription model at a later point.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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Do you have tutorial(s) explaining exactly how to do this? If not, can you produce one? I’ve shared this idea with 3 clients so far, and they’re all very interested. Thanks @Jannis.

Yes @davidfreels this page needs an overhaul.

@Jannis do you have plans for an overhaul?

Yes, it’s on my todo list.


@Jannis , do you have an idea of when you’ll complete this update? Thanks.

I do believe @Jannis’ todo list is very long ;)

@pumpkin No, it isn’t. There are just some little creatures demanding more time than you have…

Thanks @davidfreels to bring this back to my attention.

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Much as we would love to see this, children are far more important in the big picture.

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Although I do not write enough blog posts, when I do, I use a combination of IA writer, Transmit (FTP with editing) and @Jannis awesome Repository stack. With that combination, there is nothing I can’t do and it avoids the need to open RW.

As a sidenote, I wish markdown was a little better specified in terms of defining image sizes + centering images and their captions.

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