Poster 2 Question

Using Poster 2, and when I click on a Category, the blog page filters all posts to only those with that category. The question I have is, rather than have the user click on the browser back arrow a few times to go back to the blog home page, how do others handle this situation? I could put a “Home” button in the top menu bar, but my “Home” button actually takes me to the main Home page of my site. That page takes me to separate subdomains, like for research, media preservation, discovery, etc. I temporarily put a “home button” in the search all blog posts panel. Not the best option, but temporarily doable.

Just add a link to the same page, the page where Poster Stack is installed to. This will refresh the page and remove all URL parameters, so the initial blog list is displayed without filter.

Another option that i use a lot with Poster is to set up a category of “all”, and add it to all entries.


You can also use the Show / Hide stack to only show a ‘Clear filter’ button if a filter is in place. I use that approach with the Source Blog. On that page you will see by default there is a ‘Subscribe’ button but if you click on a Category or Tag then it is switched out for the ‘Clear filter’ button.


@habitualshaker I had never even noticed the Show/Hide stack. That works great. Thanks!!!

@TemplateRepo That is also a great idea. Thanks!