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Hi all,

I hope you’ve all had a great Easter break…now get back to work!

I have just purchased Poster @Jannis … great blog stack Jannis, still getting my head around the possibilities.

One thing I’m not sure about and hoping…???

  1. If it’s possible.
  2. How to achieve it.

I been using Squarespace for my blog for a few years and now moving it all over to RW and Poster.

One of the features that I loved with Squarespace was that I could do a blog post and it would automatically send it to my Facebook page as a post…photos the lot…saved a lot of double handling. I’m aware there is a social stack with Poster but it doesn’t seem to send a post to my Facebook page…seems to just be share buttons.

Is it possible to achieve such a thing with either Poster or another RW stack?

I’ve posted this question on the RW forum too…so sorry for the double up.

Thanks for all your help…again.

Cheers Scott

Hi Scott,

For now, only indirectly (not directly, because posts are added via FTP to the published page).
For the future, I can image a full automated way.

First, add a post in Poster Stack inside RW. Add SEO metadata to the post, and social share buttons.

Then, after publishing, open the live page and hit the Facebook share button by yourself.

A full automated way would be doable with a RSS to Facebook IFTTT chain:

Cheers, Jannis

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Hi Jannis,
Thanks for the quick response.
I’ll have a look at IFTTT.

Look forward to the possible feature update…would be very good feature.