Poster2, Archive layout issue

still testing the Poster2 stack I have learned to do the archive ‘myself’.

Now I have noticed that three archives I’m using aren’t aligned properly (see attached sreenshot). I am using the Lode theme from Multithems but this displacement of the archives is on various other themes too.

I have just entered the classes as described in the Posters2 tutorial into the sidebar of that theme. Is this easy to fix? Maybe with a few CSS or HTML commands?

Thanx for your support.

With a link, most probably yes.

yes Jannis,
I’ve just setup a subdomain and uploaded the project to:

The website is no far from finished but the homepage with the Poster2 stack is ready to inspect.
Hope this is an easy one ;-)

@Jannis seems not to be an easy fix ;-)
In the meantime I’ve tested the archive option “one line with separator” which doesn’t spoil the layout at the bottom but there is no clear graphical separation between the blog bottom and the archive.
Therefore a I would still prefer a solution with the standard “RW theme default” option and a CSS addon (or whatever) that keeps the footer design as expected.

I didn’t have time to look at your customization request. If it’s urgent, please contact the theme developer.

Please try following CSS:

#blog-categories {
    width: 100%;

#blog-archives {
    width: 100%;
} {
    width: 100%;

Thanks Jannis,
that looks much better now as you can see at now.
There is only one ugly thing: the Tag cloud runs down into the footer area. And this is hard to read.

ul class=“blog-tag-cloud”
float:none important {
    width: 100%;
    float: none !important;

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wonderful, thank you @Gianluca

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