Poster2 - Page Layout Question

Using Poster2, how do we go about having a different page layout for the summary page and the many complete blog post?

If these two should be really different from each other:

To clarify. This is what we are currently doing - what we are trying to do, is have unique content in the sidebar of the summary page and the main blog page. As you can see, currently the sidebar content is the same.

This is a Foundry page, so you have complete control over the sidebar.

If you just want to display different content inside the sidebar, you can use the show / hide stack, which will allow you to display content when in list or in detail mode.

See -> Visibility

You have me on the right path with the show / hide stack.

For my second option: What do I have to do if I want to unique content in the sidebar of the summary page and the main blog page?

Do I build out two page? One for the summary and second for the main blog post? If so how do I convect the content or links?

Which kind of content do you think of?

We are just getting started buildout out the content. One thought was to add BBQ tips and other useful tidbits ect. in the sidebar of the main blog post.

Our big picture: We are looking for ways to boost our content and SEO of our blog posts; we are looking at ways to stick-out in a crowed.

A second option would be to have the summery page layout in two column like we currently have and a single column for the main blog post page.


Place 2 show/hide stacks inside the sidebar. One in display list, one in display detail.

In the display list show/hide stack, place the current content.
In the display detail show/hide stack, place the new content.

Perfect. Thank you!

Is there away to do this - A second option would be to have the summery page layout in two column layout like we currently have and changing the main blog post page to a single column, is that possible?

Yes. In that case you have to follow the instructions above to completely build your layout by yourself.

I’m current using the template option with a two column stack.

I have watched the videos more than once and have read the documentation; they have been very helpful.

I’m sorry but I not following how to build out a custom summery page. And than buildout a separate, custom main blog post page using the Poster2 template option.

Im missing something because the way I’m looking at it the summary and main blog share the same layout other than using the hide stack to turn different content on and off.

Do you a sample layout that would show me?

This contains a sidebar in list mode, and no sidebar in detail mode.

Please re-download the test project:

Got it! Perfect!

Thank you!

Do you have a suggestion for the length (word count) of the blog summary, so that we don’t get into trouble with duplicate content?

Regarding where? SEO ? The summary will not get into SEO metadata. the description field will.

Yes SEO.

And suddenly the search field is rendering <?php if ( != "> what’s up with that [:0)

Please send me your project as zipped archive to (email on bottom)

E-mail has been sent.

I see, please use the search currently only outside of the template. I have to find a way to make it useable inside the template also. Will update you.


Recap - Am I correct that at this time I can’t have a two column stack on the summary page and a one column layout for the main blog post and have a the search in the summary page side bar?

If so do you have an ETA on a fix for adding the search bar inside of the template?

@weeQtoo Here is a demo that has some of what you are looking for. - which has 7 Poster blogs.

The home page has a fixed sidebar with a Poster2 List (Summary) page that scrolls as required. The sidebar is used to contain the search and tag and category links for quick access.

the demo page was created using Source and Poster2 using the Poster2 Template feature. Using the Template feature, you can build whatever layout you want in the Summary and Main layout as long as your framework can build it.

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