Poster2 - SEO?

We are rethinking our Poster2 layout for SEO and duplicate content reasons. Our original Poster layout was a two-column stack.

Our Website is BBQ Tips and Recipes ( ). For us to be successful and accomplish what we set out do we are going to have to compete strong and win at the search game. In other words, we need to have strong content and SEO.

Summary View and Full Blog View - The left side was the blog summary, and the right side has our search and archives.

It’s the sidebar area that we are concerned with, below our search and archives, we want to add other useful content, not ads. The content we put in the sidebar will appear on many, many pages, wouldn’t that be considered duplicate content?

One reason we put content in the sidebar is to help with SEO and increasing the overall quality of content on the page.

Question - Is there a way to have every main blog post page have custom sidebar content?

Any suggestion on how to avoid duplicate content while providing strong SEO for our page content is appreciated.

Any layout suggestions are also apps hated.

Thank you.

Why do you think the same sidebar in all blog detail posts gives you a “duplicate content warning”?

To be honest I don’t know. We’re just looking to head off a potential problem while doing all we can to provide quality content and viewing expense while bolstering out SEO.

Make sense?

No. Poster Stack already takes care about your SEO content and tries the best to avoid duplicates. See

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Is this do able?

Not with my tools.

No worries.

Would the content we put in the sidebar of our blog posts be considered duplicate content, because it appears on multiple pages ?


@weeQtoo I think a better approach would be not to stick with what you have got, but to use the new layouts possible with Poster2.

Your sidebar in your design serves no purpose other than to distract IMHO. E.g. At the sidebar looks more attractive to me, than the content and serves only to distract and take visitors away form the page they have selected to visit. I think if you remove that sideband completely, add some colour and great images images, that page will work far better. Also, I don’t think a recipe blog without images will work well.

Too many blogs try to duplicate the standard WordPress layouts from 2 decades ago and they don’t work well on medium sized devices.

Also you must take resonsibility for not having any duplicates. If you have posts that are almost identical then you need to rearrange them to focus on what’s different. You have all the tools in Poster2 to do this but it’s down to you to create the unique content. I can imagine, that in a recipe blog that there could be lots of very similar recipes such as one with garlic and one without, so why not make them both into one post.

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@Webdeersign Thank you for your insight. We agree with you.

We would appreciate your thoughts on what a great looking and functional recipe blog layout would look like.

Are your New Blog projects useful, if we are using Foundry?

I don’t have time to define what a good food blog should look like, but I know one when I stumble across one.

This one’s pretty good and the layout looks up to date:

Not really. If you use Source and they could be very useful. Technically you could use the Grid Enabler to add the required Grids into Foundry, but you would miss out on all the of the good Source stuff in Project24. The creators of Source and Poster2 work tightly together are are open to making that integration work well and develop it.


Great example, thank you for doing that for me.

Would you be so kind as to point in the right direction for how to keep the sidebar stationary when the page scrolls?

Thank you.

Thank you for the reply.
If I understand how pin stack works; it only pins content to the top or bottom. i’m trying to pin the right sidebar (in a two column stack).

You can use the blueprint stack from big white duck for this.