Preview/Simulator broken after Stacks 4 update

I’ve also added this to the Stacks 4 thread on RM Forum but wanted it here in case it is a UIKit issue??

I’ve noticed that changes I make to partials while in the partial editing window are not updating the preview or simulate windows…? I’ve noticed this using UIKit and doing things like adding menu items to a navbar. Nothing happens in the preview until I come back out of the partial. Then it updates fine. I don’t remember this from V3.

In fact I’m seeing lots of issues with the ‘Simulator’ that used to be fine. i.e. things look different from the ‘preview’. This is a major pain as I work with the simulator open all the time so I can design quickly. Not sure how to fix other than going back to Stacks 3 for now…

Unless someone knows of a way of getting a real time preview in a browser window?

Any other UIKit people seen this happening?

Hey Roger didn’t noticed this before, will take a look and get back to you asap. Meanwhile you can preview in a browser window in real time.

Yes, seeing the same: Partials preview not updating until Partial editing closed. Tried a Foundry project and it seems to be updating the preview as expected.

Regards previews though, Simulator and the built-in RW preview are not the best IMO, previewing in Chrome is far better IMO.

Thanks Guy’s… I had no idea I could preview in the browser in real time! That’s great!

IMO it’s way better. If you have dual screen, put RW on one, Chrome with preview on the other. Make an edit, click refresh in Chrome, and boom, it’s all there, with correct browser rendering. Alt P is the keyboard shortcut to open preview in a pre-defined browser. Alt CMD P to select the browser.

Cheers Steve. Yep, I have two massive 4K monitors so tons of real estate! I’m going to use that method from now on too!

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