Previous / Next navigation confusion

I’m getting a little confused with the next/previous buttons.

I’m using the demo_post2 RW file. I’ve upgraded it to run on RWC.

I’m expecting for the next and previous post buttons to operate in a fashion that post one is always the latest post and the previous post would be the one one dated before the latest post (I hope that makes sense!).

Currently the latest post has a next button which leads to an older post, but as it the latest post there should be a previous button.

This seems to tell me that the sort has no bearing on the next/previous button which is wired to the oldest post being the next post and the newest post being the previous post. This does not make sense to me. Most blogs I read use previous for older posts not newer posts.

Is there a setting I’m missing to activate this behaviour or is it the expected behaviour?

Latest post is the newest / top most post. The next post is the one who follows the top most post, so one which is older. That’s the implemented behavior.

If you don’t like this behavior, you can either change the text of the buttons in the settings, or even go further and use freestyle templates and re-arrange buttons, etc.

Thank you. I think my misunderstanding is that “previous” in English would always refer to something older, whereas here it seems to be the opposite. I’ll look into changing the button names, thank you.

It also depends on the sorting, which can be adjusted. But I can see the problem in the meaning of course. Therefore it’s good you can customize it to your needs.

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