Problem with PopDrop Menu Stack inside Foundry2

Hello everybody!

Forum Newbie looking for advice :-)

When putting a PopDrop Menu Stack inside of a Foundry2 project, I get a little blue line beside the burger icon when clicking (see screenshot). The line goes away when I click somewhere on the site, so it behaves just like marking text with the cursor in the browser. This occurs in preview mode and in a browser.
Same thing happens with the Limelight Menu stack.
I also tried this with an otherwise empty project, which brings same results.
When doing the same in Source, everything works as intended.

Am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?

Thanks and cheers,


You are not doing anything wrong, the problem is an oversight by me.
The blue line is the browser outlining the active button.

I will add this to the issue tracker and get an update out that fixes the problem as soon as I get a chance but in the short term, you can fix this by adding the following code to the site wide CSS in RapidWeaver.

    outline: none;

Here is where you add the code if you are not familiar.


Now that was fast, thanks a lot Tav!!

Works like a charm, thank you!

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