Problem with RW/Stacks search

I’ve just updated to the latest version of RWC and S4. I’ve got my stacks split into many different folders within the stacks library.

Now, if I select one ofthe folders, then click in the search bar for the stacks column, it defaults back to the view that shows all stacks, and gives me results of all stacks, not just those within the folder I selected.

Very annoying!

Anyone else seeing this?

Not sure if this behavior or setting is new – but in the Stacks Preferences there is a checkbox to expand or limit the search function to be global or just limited to a folder. See screenshot – the checkbox is at the bottom on the Preferences panel:

BTW - I am using RW 8.94 and Stacks 5 – so your setup/experience may be different.

Ha! Have rolled back to 4.2 now, but I bet that is it!

Will roll forward again and see what happens.

Sadly, no such setting in 4.3. Back to v4.2!

(I will upgrade to v5, but just feck all time for it at the mo, incase summit goes wrong).

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I’ve not experienced that problem but since you mentioned it I did a test and discovered that I can’t shift-click or command-click multiple stacks to add them to any of my library folders - new or old. One by one is the only way.

Recycling Stacks Prefs > relaunching RW - which sometimes fixes anomalies - doesn’t work.

With two of us having RW Stacks library issues, perhaps others here could test before we raise a support ticket with Yourhead and/or RM 🤔

For what it is worth, I do not have those problems. It is a fact though that search has to be unchecked in the settings for “always search all stacks”.