Problems with linking and Filter

Hello again…

I have uploaded a few pages of a site in progress here:

I’m stuck with a few problems:

  1. The link on the homepage menu to ‘projects’ is actually a scroll stack with a button in it that targets an id on a container. However once you navigate off the page to another page this doesn’t work and there is nowhere to set an actual full url to the container? If I change the button to the ‘link’ type, then the scroll doesn’t work. Ideas?

  2. If you scroll down to the projects section on the homepage and use the ‘filter’ menu to select just a few of the items (made like the tests project sample), then for some reason when there are just a couple of items filtered, my page scrolls so they are at the bottom, thus showing the slideshow again… This doesn’t seem to happen on the sample?

Totally flummoxed by those so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.


Try changing the button link to /dev/#projects1 instead of /#projects1

IMO though your increasing the potential for confusion in your user, by having links to new pages and links to sections on the current page in the same menu. When you do this, it’s really easy for the user to “get lost”.

Only IMO, but it’s one of the many things I avoid where at all possible.

And problem #2 doesn’t happen for me.

Hi Steve,

I wonder if you’re looking at a cached version as ‘projects1’ was the old Foundry version of the link. You can tell if its UIKit version as the image rollovers only come a little way up at the bottom and the filter menu is just text on the left and not buttons on the right. It was working OK in Foundry but I can’t get it to work in UIKit.


p.s. I did have the button link set as you say, but then when the button is set to ‘link’ the scroll version doesn’t work… No worries, I’ll make a different nav menu for each page

Forget all that Steve. I’m taking your advice onboard and I’m moving the projects rollovers onto their own page. That way there’s no need for a scroll down and also the sorting filter works properly.

Thanks for the help

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