Proper way to upload new site


I have redesigned my site and are about to upload it.

What is the proper way to do this?
Do I delete all the folders from the server first and then upload the new site?


Do I upload the new site and the folders with the same name will be overwritten.
I then redirect the folders that I don´t use anymore to an appropriate folder.

Do I get the 404 error if I delete the folders that I don´t use anymore.


/ Henrik


Have you redesigned existing pages with no changes to folder names or file names/type.

Is so they will overwrite just fine.

Do check your page filename, which can change extension from index.htm to index.php if new stacks that require php have been added. If changes you will need to delete the .htm version manually.

However, if you have replaced pages with new ones that have different folder and file names then you would need to look at removing the existing ones. BUT if you have good page rankings etc. you should look into setting up redirects.

I made the site with a new framework Foundry3.
I kept the old foldernames since the ranking is really good and I don´t want to mess with that.
Filenames are just index.html but on the new site it is index.php.
I probably need to remove the html files.

I can see on the server that there are folders today that I have moved to other folder. The name of the folder is the same but moved to exist inside an other folder instead.

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Good Evening Henrik,
as @pmjd mentioned - it depends as far as deleting is concerned;-)

Without knowing what your server situation looks like, I would make a copy of everything, clean the server and upload the new files with RW or FTP.
You have set up a new framework, F3 is fast and if you have kept your folder structure and use an up-to-date htaccess, you should not lose your good ranking.
RW does not delete files on the server, so it is up to you to keep things tidy - otherwise this can lead to incompatibilities.

Good luck.

do you need a rediect changing from .html to .php or does google ignore the extension?

Sorry don’t know off the top of my head