Proplem with scroll to anchor links

Is anyone else seeing this…

The menu items are links that scroll to anchors on the page. In preview it works fine, in Chrome it normally starts to work OK, then suddenly all links go to the top (ID: home), then they stop working altogether.

It’s really odd.

Interestingly, if you put Chrome into Inspect, it’s working as normal.

I’m lost!

BTW- This is UIkit, and it’s just been updated, so in case it’s related to that, which I don’t think it is… Tagging @Lucas

Oh, hang on… Lucas, just fired up one of my existing projects that uses the same setup, and did work before the update, and it too now has the same problem. So maybe this is about the recent update?

Now pretty urgent!

Just tested here on a new project and seem to work as expected on Chrome as well, maybe it’s something on your side? I’ve also re-published the Scroll page on UIkit docs and seem to work fine:

It’s feasable this is some weird Chrome issue, only my end.

Are all the menu scroll links on this site: working for you consistently?

(BTW- PM sent).

(I just tested a different project: First test… Worked fine. Tried again… Didn’t work. This may well be a Chrome issue. Tested in Safari and it’s not happening).

I think it’s a bug in Chrome:

I think they are referring to the issue I’m talking about?

@Lucas This doesn’t seem to be happening with the previous version of UIkit, so while the issue isn’t UIkit, is it possible that something has changed with the new version that is triggering this Chrome bug?

Can you fire me a link to roll back a version to test this theory?

Just found this: Poss solution…

Issue confirmed, a workaround should be doable with javascript by setting the scrollposition:
window.scrollTo(0, 1000);