Pros and cons of Discord

Worst thing about Discord: spreading US classified information, to the detriment of Ukraine.

Best thing about Discord: Midjourney.


I killed a bunch of time yesterday playing with midjourney. I have no particular use case for it but it was fun. Even the goofy/absurd results were pretty amazing for 30 seconds of processing time

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What I find fascinating about midjourney is that AI is often billed to take away lots of skilled jobs (and maybe it will) but in order to get the best out of it you really need to know a lot about the history and methods of art, or about photography, or both. The people who achieve the most amazing results are those who can give very precise descriptions about style, lighting, depth of field etc.; who have the patience to walk it through numerous iterations to get it just right; and who can develop the most creative prompts. The future of image-making belongs to these people, just as the future of LLMs belongs to those who can ask the most interesting questions and hold the most rewarding conversations with Chat GPT and its cohorts.

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