Pulse CMS Stack Blog problem

Hello, I have a problem with the correct configuration of Pulse CMS stacks. I did everything as instructed, but the blog on the site still does not work. I placed the .htaccess file in the folder where the blog is located, while in the /pulse folder I changed the file name from simple.htaccess to .htaccess.
Please help, link to the page: https://mybestday.pl

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Yes, there’s something wrong with the .htaccess settings at a guess or you’ve put the file in the wrong place, maybe? If you go to http://mybestday.pi you can see the page.

I don’t own Pulse I’ve afraid so it looks like a question for @yuzoolthemes.


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Do you want to discuss here or in the email conversation we have?

Please try to rename the page to blog inside RW.

Not Blog and not /blog. Rename the page in the htaccess file accordingly.

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Try to set the line in htaccess then to

RewriteBase /blog

Sometimes there are problems when the name of the Blog page inside RW isn’t blog

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Hi @Jannis,
Thanks for help, let’s stay in the forum, maybe my problem will help others. I made changes.

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Thanks @martin
I identified the issue and will come up with a solution the next days.



I send you a test version of the stacks via email. Let’s continue further discussion there. Thanks.