R.I.P. Espresso... :-(

Used this for a long time. Sad to see it go…

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Not gone just yet, only up for sale. New owner might give it a new lease of life

Best free alternative: https://code.visualstudio.com/

@pmjd Correct, hopefully s.o. worthy and capable will take it over. Absolutely loved CSS Edit by them and still sometimes use it.
@Jannis Ah, forgot about that. Will have another look at it…

Tempted 🤔


You or me? lol

Not a user of it but did have CSSEdit back when it was around, was very handy for a new user like me to easily see and edit CSS where I couldn’t with RW (at the time).

I suppose the big question would be what could you do with it to make it unique/standout? Alongside developing Blocs as well…you clearly feel you’re not busy enough ;)

Never used Espresso. Also not Coda.

The free competition is hard. From Atom over Brackets to Visual Code, you have 3 tools with the same background, which are great HTML / CSS / JS text editors.


That’s the unfortunate reality here. No matter how good some software is, if you don’t need to spend $79 to buy it because there are good free alternatives, then it just can’t sustain itself.


I love Espresso but things are changing so it must be tough market. Even Coda2 has recognised this: