Rapidweaver Leaving Setpp

I see Realmac have announced that Rapidweaver is leaving Setapp shortly. Yet another reason we need Stacks Pro. I have three Macs in the house (MacMini and two MacBook Airs), but my current licence limits me to having it on two computers. My solution was to have one running the Setapp version. The trouble is that Realmac keep changing the ground rules on licences. My original licence covered three, but that seemed to change on the move to Classic.


I am unaware of the current situation with Dan. There seems to be some undisclosed activity causing a sudden deterioration. The team has disbanded, the new app appears to be a replica of Stacks, and Dan’s progress videos seem peculiar. It is evident that something is occurring, although the specifics are unknown. Hopefully, this phase concludes, and Dan resolves all his issues for Rapiweaver to thrive as an excellent app.

I sense the undisclosed activity is just β€˜2023’ β€” I see the same patterns repeated everywhere. For instance, if you wonder what Dan is doing with Rapidweaver, just look at what Zuckerberg is doing with the Metaverse, or Musk with X. I just hope humanity manages to resolve all of its issues with life, for us to be able to survive!

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