Read More appeared suddenly - where are the controls?

This has just appeared on one page in my RW8/Stacks4/Foundation2 site and I cannot see the controls to switch it off when not wanted! (shows ‘Active Effect Collapsed’ in RW and Read More on the published page).
Seems to apply to Para.Pro/Header Pro inside Grummage and/or Sidebar containers but just on one page I edited). Can’t find controls in the usual places.

Thanks for any advice!

That page looks absolutely fine to me, no sign off those messages and the readmore is working correctly.
Perhaps its a browser cache issue on your machine?

Those messages are edit mode only and so RW/Stacks should never publish them. If they are there on some other page that I’ve not seen then it is a publishing error and republishing all files should fix it.

I’ve replied to your support ticket so lets pursue this via that channel.

Many thanks Andrew for an incredibly speedy response! Super service.