Reccomendations for batch image resizing and thumbnail creation

Hiya All, what are reccomendations for a dead easy to use Mac app that will batch convert images for my gallery images to a full size for the gallery (I’m guessing approx 1000x1000 pixels unless anybody has some better advice on full size image dimensions), enable a graphic overlay so I can stick my weblink and logo at the bottom of each piece of artwork or somewhere on it and then also create thumbnails.

I’ve got loads of imagery that is all different dimensions so want to output them all at a uniform size for either width or height, but maintain the same ratio.

I had a fantastic freeware app that I used for years, lost it when moving to a new mac and can’t find it anywhere anymore. Likewise I bought the RM Squash, which worked well, but five months after getting it I think it went subscription but not subscription like RW, so don’t want to update it as I’m guessing it will starting asking for a subscription (that isn’t a subscription), don’t fancy a subscription for a batch image convertor.

Freeware, open-source or happy to pay if it’s good, but as I’ve found with stuff in the app store, things can looks great and ticks the boxes, you buy it, use it and find it’s not all that it makes out, so best reviews are any of you chaps that have found something ace to use.

Any advice appreciated, tah - Ben

XnConvert will do all of that including the additional optimising and also webP creation.

Adding an overlay and weblink with logo should be done on the page using CSS and not by a bulk image processor.

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Retrobatch by Flying Meat SW. Retrobatch, from Flying Meat

On sale. Get the pro version


I use Retrobatch too. An excelent app.

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Thanks all for the reccomedations and advice, I’ll look it to both of those, it’s really appreciated.

Don’t forget GraphicConverter. It’s also a versatile Photo editor.

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I use the professional version of Retrobatch as well. In fact, I keep an empty folder on my desktop called convert that I use all the time. I …

  • Open Retrobatch
  • Open a recent workflow that converts images to Webp (it looks for images in that folder and then dupes & converts them to webp
  • Transfer both via SFTP to my server
  • Add them to my websites so modern browsers get the webp version & jpg (or png if transparency was needed) are available.

I use a combination of PhotoBulk (also in SetApp) and Image Shrinker.

Definitely a great workflow for me.

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GraphicConverter is a powerful tool for converting, resizing and all other operations with image data.

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My guess is @Tophat meant watermarking. Doing it in CSS will just make it easier to download the files without the watermark :)

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That’s it exactly, as it is original artwork I don’t want it lifting without asking so to speak, so it needed mutilating with a watermark logo in the work at the bottom. I’ve started using Retrobatch based on the reccomendations, it’s pretty amazing and am ashamed I’d never heard of it. Love the node-based approached for creating really quite complex processing setups.

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