Recommendation - stack for visitor comments

Any recommendations for a stack that allows for visitors to leave comments? My client would need to have a simple way to approve comments before they appear on his website. Ideally, the comments would be written to his web server and they’d be a way to show a specified number per page, with perhaps a button bar along the bottom showing additional pages.

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How many comments is the client expecting to have posted? If just a few on an ongoing basis I’d be tempted to KISS and just use a form to gather them, then manually proof and edit where required and put into a partial (if they need to be on all pages) via RW. If the client needs to be able to add the comments himself one of the many Markdown editor solutions (Poster?) might work.

My experience of automated solutions, like scripts and things, is that even with good human testing it will get spammed (most spammers in this area are human), so the client may end up spending more time approving than they realise. Plus, it’s almost certain that some clients will leave a “short” review of 2000 words, while others will leave ones of two words. So that will require some editing. Then of course there is the fixing of typos.

I’ve gone the script method for a few clients in the past, but in the end just reverted back to a manual system inside RW, as it was the simpler and quicker solution long run.