Recommendation wanted - photo carousel

Looking for a nice photo slider that can do what’s shown below. I have one in my toolbox, but it’s warehouse only and, for this client, that won’t work…he wants to be able to drag and drop (he already owns Rw, and will be maintaining the site once I turn it over). Suggestions?


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@Jannis Gallery3 and Repository.

Appreciate what you said about drag and drop and client having RW, but putting a lot of large slider images inside the project is a bad idea.

Using Repo to add images to the Gallery3 folder is by far a cleaner solution and still drag and drop.

I use this approach for clients who want “cms” galleries.


Nick Cates’ Superflex?

or Will’s Refined Slider

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Thanks, Steve. Is this from a process perspective or making the Rw file too large perspective?

My client is very well versed in Rw. He turned to me because he doesn’t have the skill set to build exactly what he wants - but once it’s finished and turned over to him, he should be fine (from a process perspective).

If, though, you’re concerned about the project becoming too large, then I heed your warning. Once he fills out the site, it could have as many as 40-50 pages with different sliders.

I checked the box in the advanced area so that all resources are copied into the project (I only warehouse resources in my projects…which is one reason I have yet to build my first page in Foundry).

So say ten images per slide, say 100kb per image, over 50 pages, that’s about 50mg of images alone. Nuts to put that in a project. Especially when you take into account RW’s habit of screwing up resources locations when working across machines.

Much better solution, in my opinion, would be to setup a folder for each slider in Repo, then he can simply drop whatever images he wants into the folders.


A cool solution would be to use Source and build that exact layout using Limelight and SectionsPro.

But better to just use an off the shelf stack such as inStacks Gallery or S4S ProGallery which are both super powerful and configurable. It make makes great sense to me to agree with what Steve said about warehousing the images.

The irony if that if you had Foundry you could just use the Gallery stack. If you are handing this over to the customer then the Foundry solution would probably the best solution for him.

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