Ref srcerer single photo

Ive spent alot of time adding different sized images as the image was getting cropped, think I have resolved that by settling for a 1500px wide image which shows perfectly now , This I feel may be too narrow. so when the page loads in safari on a 21.5 Mac the header image briefly shows a narrower image first then changes to a full sized image that fills the header. Its not the world end issue but id like to know why this happens and how to resolve it if possible. Its just a loose end , after so much fiddling Id like to clean up.
Tried to screen shot it but too fast to capture.

The mobile image, is portrait, works fine ( better in source theme but no time to upgrade the whole site right now ) used under 640 wide
The medium image is 1500 x 600px and I did place the same image in Large as well ( probably wrong ) but if I put a bigger image in ie 2000px it crops. ill send you the link via pm if you want it.

Hi @sa3305

The Srcerer (Single) stack only takes a single image. Is it that stack you mean? Not entirely sure that I can picture what you are describing.

Srcerer will only crop the image if you have ‘Enable cover mode’ selected. If you want to ensure the whole image is seen then you should leave that off (though of course you lose the ability to specify a height).

In any case, yes - please pass on a link if you can.


sorry my bad - im using AD so that explains the more than one image.
Is it because im using it as a header ?

No - it should work fine however you are using it. The Srcerer(AD) stack shouldn’t crop your image. That stack expects you to supply the images exactly as you want them to appear on each device size.

Feel free to PM me the link and I’ll have a look.