Reflow ecommerce

Hello Ricardo, I just want to ask how far is the launch of your Reflow stacks?

Hi Kent,

in beta now… 😉, testing with different Frameworks for any show stoppers.

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Here are some screenshots of the latest beta:


I’d not heard of reflow before, but it looks interesting.

I’m struggling to find any info on it. Can anyone link to some reviews or user feedback?

Hi @TemplateRepo ,

Here is their website:

The same developers of Bootstrap Studio.

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@Ricardo Thank you, that is exciting, do you have an approximate release date?

Hi @Kent,

I don’t want to set a date yet, but I’ll keep updating to this thread, so that everyone can follow the progress.

I’m putting some final touches into one of the stacks, and will begin creating demos this week, as well as writing some basic documentation for the launch 💪🏼

Lots of progress in the last few days… 🥳



Hi I did try a Reflow shop for a while and was quite impressed with its power and ease of use compared to a database based cart. Very similar to Vibracart but the big draw is the price and not hosting it database. You can see the small shop set up on It does not have all the bells and whistle of woo com though.
I look forward to seeing what a professional can do with Richardo

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Yes, that site looks very slick. I don’t understand why using a database should be a disadvantage, though.

At this link I get a 403 Forbidden

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Hello everyone,

The Reflow stacks are coming along well. During beta, found a small issue with on of the stacks, which is now corrected.

Does anyone here already have an active Reflow Store?



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Hej Ricardo, not yet but I can make one if you want someone to test your stacks.

Hi @kent,

I was looking for someone that had a functioning store, so that I could test one of the stacks. Specifically to look a customer orders (order history).

I will keep you in mind for testing.

All the stacks for version 1.0 are finished, and they are looking solid, but I’m sure I missed some small details, lol.



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Reflow 1.0rc0, now has 15 stacks altogether.
It’s designed to be modular, i.e., the customizer is designed to be as light as possible, and child stacks do the work!

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That looks very nice, cant wait to get my hands on those stacks.

Hi Ricardo

The store at is active and can be used

I was using it more as a “Staging site” to play with but there are perhaps 10 orders on it

It is fully functioning but people tend to still use the wordpress site I am trying to replace ( version)

Happy for you to have access to reflowhq if you email / pm me


Hello @Kent , @grayvet57, @peterdanckwerts, @TemplateRepo

I made a decision to sell a pre-release version to a few hand picked users. The pre-release version will have limited documentation and just a couple of sample projects.

Meanwhile, I will continue add documentation and projects.

Let me know if you are interested and I can add you to the list. The pre-release will be available soon. Right now I have started on a demo project for UIKit 3. What framework do you all prefer to work with?




Hello Ricardo,

My two preferred “frameworks” are Source and Foundation 6.


Hi Ricardo.

I’m also interested in the pre-release version. I’m building all of my client sites with Foundation 6.

Best, Matthias

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Ok, thanks @wolf, @Kent

I will send instructions to the ones interested as soon as it’s available.