Release date for Volt CMS?

Is there a probable release date for Volt CMS by @Jannis ?

Of course I think it is subordinate to the release of Stacks Pro, but I should start a new project and the ideal would be to start it with Volt CMS, but I should also give written dates, I’m not saying certain but almost certain, of the start of work and the end of work.
I cannot start and present a preview project with Poster (which honestly will not be accepted in markdown) with the commitment to then insert a better system (Volt CMS).
It is a very important project and I would not like to lose it, unfortunately this useless battle, instead of collaborating (because this is what made this system great), only creates problems for us (or at least for me) users of RW and Stacks.

Anyone with information?



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So then – if you want to be safe regarding the schedule of the site you’ll be working on – I’d recommend to go the Total CMS route. You and your client will for sure be satisfied with that solution.


Thanks, I’ve known it forever, unfortunately I find it complex and full of problems.

I have always been afraid of setting up a serious discussion about Total on my sites so as not to find myself in problematic situations.

Volt CMS should be an evolution of Poster, knowing and owning all @Jannis ’ products,
I feel safe, protected, even in case of problems I have always had excellent and personalized support.


Hm, never really had problems with the 50+ sites I’m using TCMS. What ‘problems’ did you experience or are you fearing to run into? Support on the Weavers Space forum also was always exceptional, so I’m wondering what’s keeping you from using it…

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I use armadillo and love it.

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But keep in mind that development of Armadillo is at nearly zero (for years now…).

That’s kind of true. The developer has kept up with fixing issues, but features haven’t changed in a while. Armadillo is simple and easy to implement and works well. I know there are more advanced systems out there but I still like it.

Thank you all, I should think of a system that allows me not to have problems, in the case of revisions, for the next, at least, 5 or 6 years, for which the developer should be active.
A CMS that allows me to build a website in RW.
So I would have to make a decision, the old RW will disappear to make way for ELEMENT, so no Stacks.

Stacks Pro seems mostly like a preterition.

I should inquire in the RM forum and also ask about the intentions in ELEMENT to insert a CMS element.

Thank you all.

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Definitely TCMS, it’s going to keep working for many years still, and with TCMS 3 on the horizon, it will remove all the shackles. Truly a full CMS. I’m with @wolf, what issues are you having?

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Remember never to use the term horizon when talking about software… One never reaches the horizon, it is something to aim at or for… It would be sad to never see TCMS 3.


@wolf @Lukh I used most of Joe’s products for many years and they worked well, created some great sites. The problem was that to get a grip on them, it was essential to endure the interminable ‘How to videos’. Joe is an incredibly skilled coder, a lovely man too, but the oh those videos 😫 I have TCMS, but avoid using it.

@Jannis 's products (@habitualshaker too) are a breath of fresh air. All my sites are now built with them and they ‘just work’. When there is a need to know more, Jannis’s videos are 2 mins not 45 and Stuart’s info is all in the brilliant Source Workbook or a brief 2 min video.

Like other’s, I cannot wait to get hold of Volt CMS, it will make life so much simpler.