Replacing RW syncing on DropBox with Google Drive?

DB has really nicely added a load of new features to my premium account, AND doubled its size… And increased the price! Cheeky fuckers.

I only use a third of the existing space and while I don’t mind paying the extra price, the way they have gone about this price hike leaves is a sour taste in the mouth, so I’m thinking of moving away.

Google Drive has a package with enough space and it’s a fraction of the price, but I’ve never used Drive to sync RW stuff.

At present, I have everything on DB: My RW addons folder and all my projects. I do this as I work across three different machines.

Anyone doing the same with Drive?

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I cannot really offer anything useful on Google drive, but I had an issue recently with Dropbox after clean installing Mojave on the main computer. Suddenly I exceeded the three machine limit on the free account and was forced to remove other devices before I could add this computer. It’s a free account and I get that, but Dropbox seems to be moving in a less helpful direction.

I once had a problem with the RW addons stored in Dropbox, even though it was only being used by one computer, so now I store them in the documents folder. I did wonder about enabling iCloud to back up the documents folder, complete with addons and projects. Would that work for you?

I would trust an online storage system powered by the devil, managed by Hitler and built using empty egg cartons before I’d trust a cloud service that involved Apple.


Everything that dropbox is but better, all the features DB has dropped over the years are supported by pcloud. 10GB on the free plan.

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Not really looking at alternatives, as such, except Drive, perhaps.