Repository Manager Version Update 2.4

Dear rw4all community,

as some of you know, Repository Stack 2 is available now.

What’s new:

  • Bootstrap 5 based (Blankstrap theme)
  • Place additional contents and stacks on the repository page
  • Generate thumbnail subdirectories (Good for Gallery Stack 3 web folders)
  • Integration into UserAccess Stack (coming soon)
  • Improved data table
  • Improved search
  • Additional translations (20 languages, including a dynamic browser switch)

Existing customers: Check your emails for a upgrade discount code.

Thanks for your continuous support!



Congratulations on this significant release. Repository fills the requirement that has been missing from RW until now.


Got it, thanks, great job.

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A small note, which is just my consideration, I would have preferred that in Blankstrap 5, to make Repository Stack 2 work, there were preset styles to match the colors to the whole website (the other pages are all in Source).
It is not easy to work with the external CSS, so also in the Navigation bar.
If there was an option to select colors it would have been more practical to match the colors to make the page style similar to the rest of the website.

this is my little consideration, Repository Stack 2 is great

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You are able currently to use pre-defined styles:

This should work also with external bootstrap 5 theme designers. As soon as I tested them, I will post an update.

You are referring to the navigation bar in detail?


Perfect, thanks, solved.

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Sounds like an amazing bit of work (as usual) - back to web work in a week, so I really look forward to giving it a try 😊

(Sadly not on holiday; I’m running a dear friend’s accomodation business for a week as he has covid. I never though of myself as a cook, cleaner and bed maker 🙄)


Nice work Jannis!

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Is there an upgrade price?

If you didn’t receive that, please dm me with the info about your purchase.

OK – I haven’t been getting any emails from you unfortunately.

Repository Manager Version Update 2.4.0

  • Option to display image thumbnails: You are able to display image thumbnails in the table, by default turned off. Enable in stack settings.
  • Support for Foundry v3: You are able to use Foundry v3 instead of Blankstrap v5


Native Foundry 3 support. Hurray!

You are the best, Jannis!


Jannis: both of these new features are valuable for me. I didn’t think displaying image thumbnails would make much of a difference for my usage: I was wrong! And integrating with Foundry 3 makes (at least for me) my websites more consistent in terms of look & feel. Again, many thanks!


@Jannis Just updated to 2.4.1 with lightbox support. Okay … this is fantastic! Thanks so much for adding this feature to repository.

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Foundry support is awesome. If there a way to control the color of the text, for instance, making it WHITE for use against a dark background?

Never mind, I figured out that you use Foundry to control the text color, duh.

I have not yet figured out how to get the correct colors for the text displaying the path to the folder being viewed and some other elements in the Repository UI. I guess I’ll have to keep experimenting, as I have not found any guide for leveraging the support for Foundry 3.

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You have to use custom CSS.