Resume page layout help needed

I’m looking to make a resume page cleaner with more white space. Anyone have a thought on what stack to use to emulate this layout?

I’ve blotted out some names, but the idea should be clear.

I’ve tried flexible columns, etc. to no avail. I’m hoping to create a page that would have a similar layout. But when resizing it wouldn’t change font size, rather break line and send down leaving space for next row of information.

Not really sure what you are trying to do here. The content in the image is just text, some bold some not, on single line, with some separators |. You can do that in pretty much any text stack, although using markdown would be the best.

As fo the not wrapping on mobile and getting smaller bit, I don’t understand. If you really want the lines to not wrap but instead the text to shrink so it all remains a single line, you are going to end up with text too small to read.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you?