RW Beta 8.1.4 is out

Anyone interested they just released a new beta 81.4.

You can download here:


Please remember this is beta / in-development software — If you’re not comfortable with using non-release software do not update.

All versions feel like in-development.


It turns into a tragedy :(

Quite remarkable, never seen anything quite like it. But always marketed as “the most amazing bestest ever most incredible thing the software world has ever seen.”

It’s a bit like our UK’s wonderful care in the community policy. Release patients with serious risk to themselves or others from hospital care into the community and wait for the police or ambulance authorities to pick up the pieces.

" What’s New?

  • Lots of under the hood changes in this build to help with stability and performance."

Just help with stability instead of become stable after 6 months. And after 6 months why are there so many changes to help with stability?

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Once the forum messages go from FFS to OMG - ill update :)


I wonder why you guys disappointed by this software have to make such remarks here?
You are not happy anymore with this software? Ok this is your right, but then choose another one, that must be much better than RW and use it, and discuss about that super not bugged software…

I am a happy RW user, and fed of your remarks

Who are you to make those critics. Code your own piece of software, you should easily build a much better one !!!

@Jannis: you made money thanks to RW, didn’t you? So why those critics now?

This is not the RW Forum. We will not allow bashing of other users opinion, if it is not meant ironically.

Closing this thread now.