RW crashed and wiped out all my images / galleries

I have posted this on the main forum as a bit of a heads up that it can happen.
But has anyone else experienced this ?

So been on the website for days now ( I fiddle a lot ) - finally getting it towards the end of the first part.
This morning RW crashed and with that, wiped clean all galleries and all the page images throughout the site, apart from the page I was working on. Because of the type of business, I have several galleries (6) , to say this is a pain in the butt is an understatement really.

I do have time machine so?? but no the restored website folder gets this message when I try to open it !
This does open up a bit of a worry, Im relying on time machine to back up my sites - but f they don’t one when restored , I’m sure can imagine the future problems that could cause.


I’m sorry I can’t help you with your predicament. Since I started using RW years ago, I noticed that “resources” are one of the least reliable features of RW—and they remain so till this day. To avoid all the grief associated with resources, I warehouse all of them (fonts, photos, graphics, PDFs). Now, my “resources” folder only contains my web-logo, favicon and pinned-tab icon. I don’t have your kind of problems anymore.

Upgrading RW from one version to the next one means that the internal filing system in the app is changing (too often, if I may say so). RW looses track of things in resources in events like crashes and a process of upgrading. On the other hand, if you warehouse your stuff, its location is recorded in html code that leads to a permanent address on server, so it is easier to track for RW.

Hi its not a resource folder issue as I don’t use it and never have
This, as I said , has happened before , it’s not that it’s been upgraded, something in the crash does it with RW8

Thanx for your reply

Sorry for misreading your post. My opinion of RW as one of the least stable softwares I’ve ever used, still stands, though.

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I should have been clearer :)