RW in full 27in full screen = SLOW!

This is a continuation of an issue that has plagued my new iMac.

Machine: 2017 3.4GHz i5 27in iMac, bought new a few months back. 24gb Ram, Fusion drive.

Problem: Adding stacks to the page or moving things around is a fecking nightmare. SOOOO laggy.

Only today realised it’s only when the RW is running full screen. See the video. In the first bit I’m adding in stuff with RW fullscreen and it takes ages. When I reduce the screen size, it’s much much faster.

This I’m guessing is something to do with the graphics card? Anyone any ideas?

Oh wow. That’s pretty crazy. But with only that one bit of info – I can think of a dozen different things that maybe it could be. I think it would be good to collect just a tiny bit more data about the problem if you can:

  1. You are running at least half a dozen other apps. All are probably vying for limited video RAM – which is not overly abundant on most iMacs. I would definitely see if quitting all those apps and a reboot changes anything.

  2. Is this always repeatable. Is it always laggy? Or just some pages? Or just some projects? Is it laggy when you add the very first stack to a blank page?

  3. Are you running any utilities that might be doing some work in the background when you drag stuff: window managers, paste-managers, etc. If so, then I think it’s worth trying with everything turned off – or just quickly make a new user-account and see if the problem exists in the new-user.

  4. Is it hardware dependent. If you have another machine or a friend that you can share the file with – does different hardware make the problem better or worse or no different?

I can say that I have never experienced this problem – by which I mean: I’ve seen lots of slow project files, it’s not hard to build a slow page – but I’ve not seen one that can be made faster simply by making the window smaller.

I just tested on a sort of medium-big Foundation project I have. It’s not as slow as your example, but adding new stacks does lag a bit. But changing the size of the display doesn’t seem to have any impact.

I have a display that will do the crazy resolution of 3840x2160 – even on a 28" display everything is unusably tiny. Still, I don’t see this issue. This likely means that this problem is something isolated to:

  • your hardware
  • your environment (utilities, other running apps, your network connect for downloading online warehoused images, etc.)
  • your project file – perhaps some particular stack has found a way to be slow in this strange way.

fun screenshot of very large display stacks – scaled a lot for posting, obviously. Look at that teeny tiny little menu bar at the top. Who uses these modes? Why are they even here? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Really appreciate that reply, thanks. I’ll work up a reply based on your questions.

Hope you are getting somewhere with this @steveb ? I’m puzzled as my MacBook Pro is 5 years old and runs on a 27screen (external) as well as the laptop screen. My thoughts are

  • are you using a fusion drive

  • as isaiah mentioned; ram - how much do you have? 16Gb is fairly much the functional minimum on a late iMac