RW version to use

I have version 8.9.3 installed, and don’t plan to update to the new plans, etc.
Is this version the one to keep for now?

I have version 8.9.4

Does it prompt to upgrade?
Does it have anything that’s missing in 8.9.3 ?

It does prompt to upgrade but not often enough to annoy (well so far). No major bug fixes listed just minor bugs and general improvements.

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Every 20th start of RW

No, not that I noticed. But I’m only using Stacks pages.

I only ran RW v8.9.4 for a short time and that ‘Upgrade’ po-up came up far more often than every 20th start. In fact I don’t think I ran it as many times as 20 before I got totally fed up with that pop-up.

So I use v8.9.3 Foundation 6 and Stacks 4 and all is good for me :)

I will be using the Stacks App when it is released.


Thanks for all the replies, I’ll keep using v8.9.3 for now!

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