RWC 9.2 and Stacks5 (latest version) super crashy. Anyone else?

In recent weeks I’ve had notifications that both RWC and S5 had an update waiting. I did both, about five days apart. And since the whole thing has gotten super crashy. Most often when I open a file.

We’re talking it craches about 1 in 5 opens.

Anyone else?

since the last update of stacks - i also have more craches. especially large projects crash more often …


Yep. Same. It’s the larger ones.

Anyone know how to get older versions of Stacks 5?

I did blank now, but forgot!


Thanks Jannis. Appreciated as ever.

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Yep, also experiencing multiple crashes per day.

Crashes multiple times. I figured it was Sitemap Plus, RW9.2 and Stacks 5…The only solution was to trash cache and reboot.

Same here. We need Stacks App ASAP. It’s going to be worse.


Does this also happen if you disable Rosetta for RW? The combination of Stacks 5 and RW 9.2 has been the most stable for me with hardly any crash at all - but I do not use any plugins which require Rosetta like SiteMap plus etc.

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Zero crashes for me in the last year. Using RW 8.9.3, Stacks 5.1.2b7. Nothing like SiteMap or other tools that might require Rosetta.

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Hmm… let me check that one out.

RW 8.9.3 + Stacks 5.1.2 is rock solid for me. I know that this update did fix some crashes for a lot of users though.

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Same here, no problems with 8.9.3 and latest Stacks.

Have to agree that RW 8.9 and the latest Stacks 5 has been the most stable combo in quite sometime.

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No issues running RW 8.9.3 & Stacks 5.1.2b7

I used to have super hard time with this combination of RW and Stacks on my old computer with 16GB of memory. It was very slow and very crashy. I assumed that was due to my very complex pages.

Now I got a Studio running Ventura, with 96GB of memory and it is a smooth sailing.

UPDATE: Sorry, I am running RW 8.9.3, not 9.2…

👀 …

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Yeah, I do some photo and video work besides RW, so I need a lot of memory. But in general, the more memory you got on your computer, the better everything runs. 😎


No crashes for me. In fact I’d say more stable than before. Like others, not using Rosetta.