RW's off-site pages and exporting

I have a large site which I’ve split into 6 separate projects. To make the navigation menu work across the six, I am using off-site pages. This setup used to work up to version 8.0.x. Starting with v.8.1.x, I am not able to export any project that includes off-site pages. Exporting single pages still works fine, as long as they are not off-site kind.

The export starts normally, all files are output for export, but then, just before files are supposed to be written to disk, the process stops.

The only way for me to get them exported is to duplicate a project (or ‘Save As’), open it and immediately export. But if I do as much as change one letter, save and try to export, I get failure again.

Does anyone of you know what causes this problem and how to solve it? Or, perhaps someone has a more ingenious way to keep navigation menu intact across more than one project?

(I am using RW 8.2.1, Stacks 3.6.6 on PowerMac running Sierra.)

No idea @fapkogi - but that sounds like the best way to split a large project and keep the site project files light.

You may want to report the bug to Realmac as sounds like one…

Thanks, Michael. I tried to get a response from PTBradley on RM forum, but I got none. To be honest, I am not too inclined to talk to makers of the most buggy software in the world (I am not exaggerating, by the way).

Sorry to hear this @fapkogi

I use Offsite pages loads (as a habit mainly) so if I see this I’ll remember this thread and post back. But for now I’m not seeing it.

Maybe anyone else on RW4ALL can chime in if they see anything or have any tips for Rob?

It’s not a very big deal (just a little one). I can keep using my workaround. But thank you for your caring.

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