Safari and fonts

I’ve browsed through older posts but couldn’t find my answer.
I’m using a websafe font, Century Gothic which is extremely common, via the Foundation 6 site style. It’s used for almost everything. For some tabs and buttons, I use Helvetica Neue.
Chrome, Brave and Firefox render the font perfectly, but not Safari. There is no Century Gothic to be seen.
Which trick would make Safari behave?

Many thanks

Do you have a link to your website?

When it comes to fonts, Safari is always the fussy one (or, rather, the other browsers are more relaxed). And it’s almost always about font names and URLs (when it’s not, it’s a corrupted font). Check, check, and double-check again until you find what‘s wrong. Because something is wrong.

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Joe said he needs to update the Century Gothic font definition. Something isn’t quite working as it should.

Loading a font onto a web site is now so simple, that IMHO the concept and use of a “web safe” font is long over.

E.g. Century Gothiic doesn’t exist on some Macs and in addition it can be disabled if it exists. Web Safe just means that something approaching similar will be used that will be selected from what is available.

Best practice is to load a local woff2 of whatever font you want to use. This will ensure that your site will appear using the font you have chosen.

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I still haven’t managed to get my head round loading a font onto my website using F6 Site Style. I’ve tried @font-face but haven’t spent enough time on it to make it work . So at the moment I’m using the Google font called Questrial, which is quite close to Century Gothic. But you’re right, I should nail the font import.

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