Safari poopin out again

Safari has a bad results on my website. Chrome works fine. Opera works fine. It’s WebKit, that standard apple wants everyone to use, but it’s a POS so nobody uses it. They use Google’s. Google’s works. Apple’s Doesn’t. Anyway…

Go to
you’ll see what i mean.

My videos should be autoplaying and looping. They all used to do this. Now Apple (the snobby computer company) has updated Safari so now Safari doesn’t allow autoplalying of the videos or looping… Has a big play button on them… (not good for sales)

Does it work on your end?

Check with Safari vs Chrome

You getting the same result? (desktop)
Any ideas on making Safari autoplay my videos again like it used to on desktop? I have version 17.2.1
I checked Mobile Safari. That still works fine.


Looks like I solved the problem…

Haha. Unstoppable.

Thanks guys! 🥂