Saving webpages as PDF

I used to have a program that would capture and print my webpages to PDF beautifully - but I must have not restored it after upgrading to Mojave. A quick Google search didn’t find any apps capable of doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions? In particular, I have a very long webpage (a newsletter, actually) that needs to be saved as a PDF. Trying to print or export to PDF from Safari produces horrible results.

@dave: SnagIt by Techsmith will do this. I think there are a couple others that do it also, but they are not coming to mind. At any rate I use Snagit for this sort of challenge.


Thanks Mathew- will it grab an entire webpage - even if it’s 10 screens long? Or, just what’s visible on the screen? I couldn’t tell by reading the review on the App Store.

You could try Paparazzzi too - it’s a nice little app :
Can save in pdf, jpg, png or tiff.

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@dave I’ve been able to get a whole page. Send me an example link (something not needing login) and I’ll show you the PDF output (and also PDF size).

Thanks @mitchellm What I really need is a long newsletter that is sitting behind our firewall. But, if it can grab my son’s website, I’m sure it will have no trouble grabbing the newsletter. Daniel’s (very long and content-heavy) site is here:

As always, thanks for your help! Dave @

@dave: It had no problem with it. You can download the PDF here:

PDF size is 9.2 Mb. This particular page resulted in a PDF of about 13,000 pixels tall. Did another page with 26,000 pixels tall with no problem.

I do not know about the firewall situation. You might want to ask TechSmith. Generally when I need to do this I just turn off the firewall in Sitelok, publish, capture, go back to RW and re-activate the Sitelok firewall for that one page. You may or may not be able to do this in your line of business, but the TechSmith people should be able to answer your question.

I did run into one webpage I could not capture. Not behind a firewall. I’m not sure what the problem was, but I tried 2 or 3 times.

I hope this helps. I don’t know if Snagit comes with a trial. You can, of course, add nice annotations to the captured webpage before you send off as a PDF.

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