Scribe - Read More collapse across multiple paragraphs

The ‘Read more’ functionality in Scribe is rather flexible due its many settings. However, the collapsable region seems to be confined to single paragraphs only. If you have e.g. 3 paragraphs between some headers, wouldn’t it be useful to have only one ‘Read More’ in e.g. the first paragraph and the collapsed region extends across the following two paragraphs till the next header ?

Having a built-in Logic to automatically decide the extent of the collapse might not be the best idea, as there will be inevitably use cases it doesn’t cover. But why not allowing some user-defined markup of the collapse - it is already possible to define the paragraphs to be collapsed with the ‘^’ sign. If one could add some type of parentheses or brackets to define the region of the the collapse … speaking only from the point of a user, I have no conception, whether it would create havoc to the underlying structure.

Just a thought to extend the existing capability to make Scribe even more powerful.

@tav I’ve also wondered if this might be possible? Perhaps being able to add a symbol to the last paragraph (or end of that paragraph) where the ‘Read More’ section would end? That would be a great addition to Scribe’s functionality.

Well, first of all my sincere apologies to @GKs for not seeing or replying to this post 2 years ago.

I will certainly look at it and I’ve added it to the issue tracker for Scribe. I’d started a major update for Scribe before we got stuck in the house moving limbo so there is a good chance that I can get in there with that.


Hello Andrew, absolutely no apologies needed. I am sure it was just an idea that crossed my mind when playing around a couple of years back. You are the most gracious stacks contributor enabling us mere mortals to accomplish sites, we couldn’t even dream of … enough, lol.

Thank you for considering this idea. Moving house and “2020” was certainly not the easiest combination to conquer. We are patient, and always grateful for all the help you have given to us (the community here) all the time.


You are the most gracious stacks contributor enabling us mere mortals to accomplish sites, we couldn’t even dream of …

Very well said!


@tav Not to be too much of a wanker, but is there a ballpark eta for the Scribe update? I’m currently working on a project with a ton of “read mores” and if I could use Scribe that would be much preferable. But of course I do understand the relocation and the slings and arrows of the past year have made progress on all things more complicated, but still could not refrain from asking the wankerly question.

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Despite such a beautifully phrased question, I’m afraid that my reply is still in the negative.
I have been back on development whilst unpacking and moving in to the new house but it has been confined to catching up with support, fixes and some previously planned and promised changes. Scribe readmore is on the list and I will try and make some progress with it as soon as the other wolves stop baying at the door.


@GKs and @Thang

Despite my previous answer, I’ve done it for you. We had a power cut this morning so my planned activities (involving power tools) were curtailed and I had a chance to sit on the laptop as this didn’t involve the internet.

I have DM’d you both with a link to the updated Scribe Readmore to try. If you select the new Areas setting in Readmore Apply To then you can define as many areas as you like in one Scribe stack and each will have the read more applied.

Areas are defined by simple enclosing them in double square brackets [[]]


@tav Wow - that is incredibly kind and generous of you! I actually had seen your first reply when I scanned my emails just before nodding off, and reflected that we’re incredibly lucky to be blessed with Paragraph Pro. But after using Scribe, you just don’t want to use anything else. A fortuitous power cut indeed. It wasn’t so easy hacking into your power grid ;-)

I can’t wait to check out the new addition to Scribe and will let you know how it goes asap.

Btw, I’ve also used Sidebar and Blueprint for the first time on this project and found them to be brilliant and so well thought out, as per usual from the Duck. Bit of coffee on the way and a whole lot of gratitude!

@tav Well I’ve just given the update a test drive and it’s really a pleasure! Now I want to gratuitously put "read more"s everywhere!

Thank you so much for this update - it’s a Scribe dream come true!

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Good stuff, glad it worked properly. Thanks very much for the donation- much appreciated.

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Just a small gesture of thanks for your constant generosity and helpfulness. I have to quote @GKs Gerd’s sentiment which is so accurate:

And best of luck with the continued home front undertakings! Hopefully without further interruptions from yours truly (and no more power cuts).

Scribe version 1.1.1 is now released and contains the read more area functionality.


@tav Just wanted to thank you again for this! It’s so great!

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